Child Friendly Office

A very important element in the healthy development of the child is the proper development of the oral cavity. Therefore, in our office a lot of emphasis is placed on proper care of the Little Patient. We strive to make our little patient feel comfortable and to make the visit in Ortodontica nice for child so she/he would returned to us willingly.

Orthodontist mainly pays attention seeing Little Patient to:

  • tooth eruption timing
  • prevalence of malocclusion
  • oral hygiene
  • presence of parafunctions or habits

Approximate treatment process of Little Patient:


1. During the first visit orthodontist will check if the eruption of teeth is on time, the condition of the oral mucosa and the occurrence of malocclusion. Parents will be informed about habits to avoid and how the diet can affect the development of teeth and masticatory system.


A lot of attention is paid to kid’s oral hygiene- in case of problems the Patient is directed to the hygienist. The first visit is adaptive in nature. The child gets to know the environment, office equipment, its smell and gets acquainted with the staff. Doctor talks to Parents about their kid’s problems with teeth.


If a Little Patient has no problems with oral hygiene nor do not need to implement orthodontic treatment at the moment, most of the time the orthodontist asks to come back in approx. 6-12 months for a control visit.


2. A visit in Prophylaxis and Oral Hygiene Office: Patient and Parents learn how their kid’s teeth should be brush properly, which tooth brushes to use, how to help their child in this procedure. If there is such a need the hygenisation is performed consisting primarily of removing plaque (at a pinch calculus) and polishing the teeth.


3. If, based on the first consultation, the orthodontist decided that the treatment should start at this early, during the 2nd visit (if the patient is ready for that), doctor directs him to make the necessary medical documentation in order to plan further treatment (which is: extra and intra-oral photographs, impressions for diagnostic models and depending on the age of the patient possibly X-ray: pantomographic and cephalometric).
Sometimes, if the patient is not ready to start treatment, there is a need to pursue additional adaptation visits, where Little Patient, unhurried, get used to us and to our Office.


The next visit is the presentation of the treatment plan.


Further visits consist of controlling the progress of orthodontic treatment.


Ortodontica ensure a friendly atmosphere in the Office. The staff avoids words that negatively associate with dental office and that could frighten our youngest patients.

We try to make the child actively involved in the treatment. F.ex.the kid is asked to choose the colour of appliance or its elements. We always remember about the award after the first visit in our Office :)

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