1. Orthodontics and orthopaedics


Removable appliance

  • palatal plate – an appliance which is put on the upper and/or lower arc, serves to expand the arch or to move teeth


  • functional appliance (Twin Blocks, activator) – an appliance for 2 arches at the same time, used for growing patients to let and to help the mandible to grow


  • functional training - an elastic appliance used for growing patients in case of un-proper function and/or bad habits

Fixed appliances

bonded permanently to the teeth, with a special glue, for the time of orthodontic treatment. Depending of the material used to produce the bracket (the element putted on the tooth) we offer the choice of:

  • metal brackets characterised by high durability and small sizes. In addition, they are very comfortable to wear. There is always a possibility to put colourful ligatures (rubber bands), which are changed on each control visit.


  • Ceramic brackets, which are characterised by very high aesthetics and which are by colours similar to the natural tooth colour


  • Sapphire brackets, made of monocrystalline sapphire, have a very good technical performance, which reduces friction. Their smooth surface and rounded contours make the best comfort for the patient, along with excellent aesthetics


  • Lingual brackets -INCOGNITO- the appliance is placed on the tooth surface from the palatal site so that they are completely invisible to others. Each part is produced individually for each patient with gold alloy in a lab in Germany



Orthodontic implant (mini-screw, mini-implant) 

it is a sort of a screw, small in size, placed between the roots of permanent teeth, used e.g. for moving, intruding and/or for correcting tipped tooth


Bollard mini-plate 

It is a plate placed temporarily, which provides treatment for children with class III and can also be used to distalized the front or lateral teeth during treatment with or without extractions for adults



Reeducation and mio-therapy

their aim is to improve proper functions for patients (e.g. swallowing, breathing, speech) and to abandon bad habits through appropriate exercises, possibly with the use of special appliances



set of splints (polyurethane positioners), comparable to the world famous Invisalign, allows treatment of mild to moderate malocclusion using a completely invisible, removable splints


2. Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring

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3.  X-ray Lab

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4. Prophylaxis and Oral Hygiene Office

In order to maintain health, good shape and nice appearance of teeth, the hygienic procedures are recommended every 6-12 months. In the case of orthodontic treatment, the frequency of this procedure may be increased. Hygienisation is a painless procedure, performed in our office by a qualified dental hygienist. It involves the removal of so-called tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth. This procedure can be performed manually or by using special equipment (known as ultrasonic scaling). In our office we use both methods, with a predominance of the manual method, which guarantees obtainment of smoother surface of the teeth.
In some cases we also proceed sandblasting (removal of particles with sand sediment).

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5. Teeth bleaching/ whitening

ORTODONTICA also offers our patients teeth whitening. Frequently we perform it at the end of an active orthodontic treatment. We always select the appropriate technique to meet patient’s needs.


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6. Our partners



Sen-Medix –  dr n. med. Aleksander Kania -1. internal medicine specialist, pulmonologist

dr Paweł Nastałek - internal medicine specialist, pulmonologist


D2 - Lek. stom. Daniel Sadecki - oral surgeon

Lek stom. Daniel Nowakowski - dentist

art.jpg    Art Dentica Lek.stom. Wioletta Nowak - aesthetic dentistry
dentist.gif    Dentist Dr n. med. Maciej Żarow - aesthetic dentistry
ams1.jpg    AMS Fizjoterapia mgr Marcin Ścieżkowski - osteopath
implantis.jpg    Implantis lek.stom. Tomasz Bobek - implantologist
vital2.jpg    Vital- Dent Lek.stom. Karolina Michalska-Bałaga - periodontologist
globus_logo.jpg    Globus Dr n. med. Witold Jurczyński - specjalista periodontologist
ams.jpg    lek.stom. Alicja Bielawska - prosthodontist, treatment of tempomandibular disorders